Let Engineering Ink Technical Editorial Services...

           Free up your staff from writing reports, articles, or brochures

           Sell your product's technical benefits to non-experts or new users

           Convey technical information to a non-technical audience, in writing or in person

Services:  Products range from tri-fold glossies to hundred-page technical descriptions, delivered as content (emailed Word files) or printed projects (brochures, bound reports, etc.) Familiar with many layout and printing standards, and comfortable working with other staff or freelancers to plan and produce a complete product on time and within budget.

Credits:  More than 100 technical articles for Desktop Engineering, Computer Graphics World, Research & Development, Manufacturing Systems, Systems Integration, Quality in Manufacturing, Modern Casting, Plastics Technology.  Technology business pieces for Inside Automotives, Chemical Engineering Progress, and SWE - Society of Women Engineers.

Pricing:  Call or email to discuss our services, billed at $100/hour or bid by the project, which can be broken into several parts as needed.  A typical trade article runs $1,100, depending on research.

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Contact:    Pamela Waterman   engineeringink@earthlink.net       480-897-3380

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Rapid prototyping

Finite element analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics


3D Digitizing

Electromagnetic compatibility

Electronics and high voltage

Satellite Communications


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